Are Your Affairs In Order?

If something happened to you would your family or next-of-kin know what to do and where to find all the paperwork and information about your estate?

What is Legacy Guardian

Legacy Guardian is a simple and cost-effective way to make sure that all of your affairs are in order and your family are fully supported when you die.


All delivered in one easy to use package.

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The Service

Legacy Guardian is a full service that offers everything
you need to have complete peace of mind:


Estate Valuation
& Management

Secure Online


We offer a free expert
in-house Will writing and updating service when you sign up. All checked by our legal team.

One of our consultants will help you assess and evaluate your estate. You can do this over the phone or online using our instant asset evaluation service.

We also provide a secure online platform for you to store and easily access key documents, track your assets and keep your affairs in order.

We all have to manage a number of passwords in everyday life. By securely storing them with Legacy Guardian, when the time comes, your next-of-kin will have easy access to everything they need.

As well as the following services for your family
or next-of-kin when you’re gone:

Estate Administration




When it is time, our team of expert bereavement administrators will do all of the hard and complicated work for your executor - manage the paperwork, close all accounts, sort outstanding bills & subscriptions, manage tax liabilities and a lot more like securing all of your online profiles.

We provide expert financial advice and specialist support for your family should they need it when planning for the future after you’re gone.

Ensure your digital footprint, such as online media profiles, are protected and transferred to the right people. Store them easily here.

Payment Options




From £8.99

per month

Tie up those loose ends with free access to our Dashboard and Estate Valuation Tool.

Get the full peace of mind Legacy Guardian can offer and estate administration.

Secure Online Profile

Document Upload

Estate Valuation Tool

Secure Online Profile

Document Upload

Estate Valuation Tool

Will Writing

Estate Preparation

Estate Administration

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